Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hawaii in Tahoe

Our first weekend in Tahoe beat us up pretty good, and Ziggy and I spent Monday sucking our thumbs and nursing hangovers on the couch. Monday Night Football starts at 5:30 out here! We're anxiously considering where to watch Thursday's Bears-Saints game. Wonder if there are any Cajun pubs out here?
On Friday, we drank in nearby downtown Truckee at a couple bars. We didn't really meet anybody, other than a tall blonde doing a fly-by butt grab on Zig. One girl walked by wearing a shirt with what looked like a map printed on it, and we wondered under our breath, "How about the map of Hawaii on your back?" We did the drive to South Lake Tahoe on Saturday morning. Zig and I have been fighting quite a bit--with his new GPS doohickey. It recommended us taking I-80 to Rena on then heading south to SLT. WE did that, and it turned an hour ride into a 90-minute ride. Stupid gizmo.
We spent a few hours looking at places he is considering renting and think we found it with the last place--a three-bedroom house that was remodeled in 2006 and is walking distance from the base of Heavenly. It's at Aspen and Wildwood, so check out a map and see exactly where it is. Still details to work out, but it looks like a done deal.
We then found an Irish bar to watch the Alabama-Florida game. The Tide got rolled, unfortunately, and then the Oklahoma-Missouri game sucked. So we went to Harrah's, where I placed a $25 bet at the sports book on...you know it...Hawaii. It was for my buddy back home, but I spent the entire game "pretending" i had wagered the remainder of my advance for my book. Wouldn't you know it? The Rainbows, er, sorry, the Warriors, won! We ended up in some dark, thumpy nightclub and got separated when Zig was dancing with a girl in a red hat, and i was hanging out with a group celebrating a 30th birthday. I walked about a mile past our hotel trying to find my way back--ugh!
The next day, we returned to McP's, the bar where we watched football on Saturday. But by the time our lazy asses got there, Da Bears were already done whipping Jacksonville. We watched the second games there, and Ziggy swore me into the Buffalo Club. I repeated the oath enthusiastically, only to find out I now have to drink left-handed for the rest of my life.
We drove back to Truckee, stopping for some wine and sushi at a local restaurant down the block. And then yesterday was, well, pathetic.
The weather remains the same--sunny like you wouldn't believe, and in the 40s and 50s. It might even reach the 70s on Thursday! Don't want to complain, but we'd rather see colder temps and some white stuff. Heavenlly has like 3-4 runs open, and the other mountains are about the same--just not worth skiing unless we were going home tomorrow, which, of course, we are not.

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Abraham said...

Jim, you are a credit to your people.