Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back online!

Hey gang, sorry for the lax writing....but I really didn't think anyone was reading anymore.
Plus, I've been busy again. I worked all six days last week and had a story to work on for the Cubs magazine on the 1969 team. Things have slowed a little, due in large part to me tweaking my famously bad back while going down Waterfall, a mogul run, with Ziggy on Sunday. I didn't fall--at least not from the bad twist. I went down shortly after that, though, and slid down the mountain about 25 yards headfirst on my back. I laughed about it, though, and attribute the injury to hiking 15 minutes UP the mountain (see video below) earlier that day so that we could ski the Nevada side of Heavenly.
We've had our share of visitors the last few weeks--Suzy Gunbarrel, Wedge Kristy and Terry's brother,  Tom, and family among them. Scott Aspen and Sky McAlpine are scheduled to arrive today. After that, we get no love. Isn't anyone gonna come visit in March? I tested out Ziggy's air mattress when his family was here and it's comfy cozy!
So what else is new? We continue to train toward our Level 1 certification. I think by now our $65 mugs we purchased at the Bear Bar at the bottom of Cal Base have paid themselves off. (We get two ounces more of beer for $1 less than the regular cups.) Not to mention the fact our generous tipping and gregarious personalities have made fast friends of the bar staff there.
Getting better at the skiing and working on my form. I've started understanding how to ski moguls and have made a few trips down the vaunted double black-diamond "face" of Cal base. It's still quite a challenge but not quite as intimidating. In April they have what's called the "Gunbarrel 25." The "Face" forks into two runs at the bottom, "Gunbarrel" and "East Bowl." The race is to see how many times you can go down Face/Gunbarrel in a day. Those that make it up and down 25 times make this exclusive club. Ziggy has done one trip in about 13-15 minutes, so you can see it takes a busy day of skiing to qualify.
Socially, we've done a few fun things in the last few weeks. We saw the Reverend Horton Heat one night and the comedy of Dana Carvey another--both at Mount Bleu Casino. Taj Mahal is here this Saturday at Harrah's, so might be catching some more music. Other than that, been laying somewhat low. Money has been getting tight, as I took home a grand total of $8.20 in my last two paychecks (covering four weeks). That should change, hopefully starting tomorrow.
My book has been printed and will be shipped within a week to the printer. They're going to send me a couple copies out here and I'm making plans to be at HoHoKam Park in Mesa for the Cubs' last four Cactus League home games. Come down and visit!
Promise to try to update more often but you gotta show the love and drop a comment now and then, people. I'm hearing crickets out there!


Will Byington Photography said...

"wait for me Zig" - great ending...At first I thought the video was going to have you going down the mountain on your back! looks awesome out there. Sorry to say I don't think I will be making it... hope you survive the weekend with Chaney and Ladin. Baseball is back. Have fun.

Danny Boy said...

Hey there bro! We're still watching out for updates. I just finished this one and Erin came over to see you video. She liked see you go down the mountain and she says hi and sends her love. Be carful out there old man!!!

Charles said...

Nice! you are an "expert" on those catwalks.. I too thought the video would feature a crash. Can you do that for us? or maybe an example of Ziggy form down the "Face"?