Thursday, February 5, 2009

Real quick because I gotta get to the mountain for our Level 1 clinic. Ziggy and I are both battling the same nasty cold. Came down with it the day after whooping it up for the Super Bowl. What a great game, huh? I was rooting for the Steelers and came very close to putting $20 down and giving seven points to the Cards. (Glad I didn't do that.)
We checked out the casinos as an option to watch the game, but most of them still allow smoking and that just wasn't working for us. Not to mention the expensive beer prices. So we went to a sports bar called Mo's but found no spots at the bar and a crowd of mostly guys. It was on to Steamer's, which had two empty stools at the bar in front of a big plasma TV, and $1 nachos and 25 cent wings. Sold!
Like most, we were enthralled with the game and Arizona's comeback. But my Steelers took the prize. (Most of us 40-somethings sided with either the Cowboys or Steelers back in the day when they met in two Super Bowls. I went with the Steel Curtain and Terrible Towel.) After the game, we stopped back at Mo's for a nightcap and enjoyed a celebratory beer with the Super Bowl's winning QB, Big Ben Roethlisberger (pictured at top).
OK, it wasn't really Big Ben, but a strong likeness, eh? He was actually our height, so Ziggy and I bent at the knees to give the illusion we were standing next to the 6-5 two-time Super Bowl champion! Actually, the next day the real Tony Siragusa was at Heavenly, taking ski lessons with his wife from my buddy Hollywood, who officially certified Ziggy and I as adaptive ski school instructors yesterday. Hooray! That means I might actually get some more work.
Speaking of which, it's gotten a little busier in spite of the lack of snow. I had lessons on Saturday and Monday and hope that continues with President's Day weekend ahead. They had a big party for all Heavenly employees last night. There must've been about 500 people in this giant banquet hall on the second floor of Harrah's! Zig and I probably shouldn't have gone, with our colds, but we were home and relaxing while watching "Lost" by 8:30.
That's all. Said it'd be quick. Is anyone still reading this blog anyway?

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Danny Boy said...

Still here bro, wathing out for updates!! Hope to see one soon! Love ya!